Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Whirlwind Summer Part 2: Kinnera

As last year, Kinnera stayed with us while her mom, Hazel, competed in the Artistic Roller Skating National Championships. Happily for all of us, this year's competition was in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a mere one hour time difference. And Hazel's events were all at reasonable mid-day and early evening times: we did not have to get up at 4 in the morning like we did last year, when the competition was several time zones east. Last year we were excited when Hazel earned a bronze medal. This year, she took the gold!

Most of the ten days Kinnera was here Johnny and/or I spent frantically cleaning, sorting, mowing, watering, weeding and generally trying to make this place habitable for ten extra people: our Japanese family and our California family arrived two days after Kinnera went home. And so Kinnera was left to her own devices much of the time. She's an avid reader and made it through five or six books. And spent time with the dogs, to their delight.

 But there was also bottle rocket launching with Johnny, of course.

And we did go to the coast to check on Black Oystercatchers, as I do each week. Johnny made a cool maze at Road's End. I took these photos from on top of The Thumb while they were below me in the cove. Other beachgoers enjoyed Johnny's maze, too. Below is one of them with Johnny and Kinnera.

 Kinnera drew Manga figures in the sand. She took Manga lessons her first weekend here with a neighbor who teaches that Japanese cartoon form. The photos following of Kinnera and her Manga figures were taken by Johnny while I was on The Thumb. Pretty impressive to draw those free-hand with a stick.

I especially like the photo Johnny took of Kinnera running the maze with a background of Road's End offshore rocks (barely off shore at low tide), her hair blowing in the wind.

I missed the beach fun, but enjoyed, as always, the view from the top and the hike to and from with its abundance of birds. A Dark-eyed Junco, Oregon form, was willing to pose for my camera on my way down to meet Johnny and Kinnera.

After lunch at our favorite Thai restaurant, we continued south to Boiler Bay where the Black Oystercatchers are somewhat easier to see. Here Kinnera watches the two BLOY chicks through one of our scopes.

On another coast trip later in the week, we found BLOY closer still at Short Beach.

Back on the farm, Kinnera helped with whatever projects we asked for help on. Especially helpful to me was her expertise on the computer. An annoying pop-up window had been appearing whenever it felt like and I had no idea how to get rid of it. Kinnera searched the computer, found the source and killed it (uninstalled, I think, is the proper term). I am very grateful! 

Hazel returned from New Mexico on Sunday, August 4, triumphant with her championship medal, and left with Kinnera on Monday for their home in Washington. Next year, the championships are back in the mid-west. No matter how early we have to get up to watch the live stream on the computer, we hope Kinnera will be back with us.

A lovely sunset over our farm bid her farewell for now.

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