Sunday, July 15, 2018

Catching Up

The California kids have come and gone two weeks ago and I still have not blogged about their visit. Life is busy... and now hot. So I'll try to catch up by sharing photos of their visit...

Well, first here are photos of Johnny's visit to San Carlos after which he brought Cedrus and Kestrel home with him on the train. He did lots of projects in San Carlos, including putting together those cabinets behind Cedrus swinging on another project...

 They all visited Steve's office, the one he rarely visits since he works from home. It seems Mozilla folks have a good time... their office includes a ball pool...

A week later, Johnny and Kestrel and Cedrus arrived at the farm. Hooray!

Before the parents arrived by car a few days later, we went to the beach.

The kids danced in the surf and built a sand barricade in a rock outcropping against the coming tide.

On the farm, there was work to do. The kids drove the two EZ Gos while I loaded up barkdust and spread it on paths. Alas, Cedrus soon discovered he is very allergic to bark dust!

 Lots of time was spent feeding citrus peels to happy goats.

Cedrus feeding orange peels to Cindy Lou

Kestrel feeding Cindy Lou, who wanted all the peels for herself

Cedrus and Kestrel with the youngest kid. I needed photos for my monthly column in United Caprine News. The kids cooperated.

Cindy Lou wanted attention, too

Cedrus feeding Goldilocks and more, with Lindoro the llama in a field behind

Steve and Cedrus pet 13-year-old Shirley, who loves the kids

Mister McCoy, the big white dog, got some attention, too.

Always a trek to the creek. Here Steve and Cedrus trek across it.

Kestrel preferred whittling. Here he selects the proper stick.
Kestrel whittling
Cedrus, Grandpa and Steve looking for creatures

Steve was a master crawdad catcher

Steve selecting a rock for skipping

Shirley leading the way through the woods

Cedrus and Steve coming behind Shirley

Kestrel and Cedrus loved driving Grandpa's EZ Go. Here at the end of the arboretum, waiting for the rest of us to catch up for the return trip, they take time to pet Shirley
 On Saturday morning, the Qi Gong gang, Munazza and Blythe and John and Carol and Johnny and Steve and I, did Qi Gong in our Qi Gong Grove. The kids provided transportation in the EZ Go, christened the Qi Gong Shuttle. After our practice, we retired to the arena where Kestrel and Cedrus danced for us.


Steve and Munazza had driven up a few days after the kids arrived. Munazza spent some time away from the farm working on the next level of Qi Gong so she can become a trainer for that level... and teach all of us!

As always, the kids were measured to see how much they had grown since last year. A lot! The rest of us were measured to see if we had shrunk any more. Thankfully, not.

Before they all left by car on Monday, July 2nd, Johnny insisted they get a "charge". Steve reacts.

Munazza was cautious and, intelligently in my opinion, did not press the plunger hard enough to cause a shock.
It was wonderful, as always, to have kids and grandkids here... and so glad the weather did not turn beastly hot until after they had left. Now it's beastly hot. I spend most days at the coast now, doing bird surveys and enjoying mild temperatures. At home, I try to keep the garden and greenhouse plants watered. Johnny works on his myriad projects outdoors and in his shop. He doesn't melt in the heat like I do. The weather is supposed to be dropping out of the 90s into the 70s soon. I sure hope so.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Roses and Horses

Not much time to document the goings on here at the farm, but did take some photos of roses, mostly, and horses.

Paul's Himalyan Musk rose climbing up the Lombardy Poplar and arching over the driveway

First picking of strawberries this year


Jessie Anne, mowing in front of the goat barn

Mr. Smith, drinking from the rain barrel at the corner of the goat barn

Nightingale and Jessie Anne, keeping the grass down in front of the machine shed

Evening Grosbeaks at one of the sunflower feeders by the goat barn

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Father's Day!

Kevin and Ian

Kestrel and Great Grandpa

Grandpa and Cedrus

Kestrel, Grandpa, Cedrus and Steve

Ian and Kevin

Kestrel and Grandpa

Cedrus, Kestrel and Steve

Dad's 80th Birthday ride in Mom's cart

Grandpa Johnny and Ian

Great Grandpa and Ian

Kevin and Ian

Dad and my brother Bob

Ian and Kevin
Ian and Kevin

Johnny and Kevin at Disneyland

Kevin, Ian, Johnny at Multnomah Falls

Kestrel, Steve, Cedrus
Ian and Kevin