Sunday, August 25, 2013

Johnny's Hawaiian Adventure, Part Four

On Monday, the day after the hike to Hanakapi'ai Falls, Jessica's sister Sarah arrived to join the party. That night, they all went to the Hawaii Alive Hula Show, where Johnny and several others from the audience went up on stage to dance the hula. Jessica took a video. I tried to take photos of her video off her facebook page with my new camera (yes! I have a new camera! It arrived yesterday!) but they didn't turn out (not the camera's fault... taking photos of a computer screen does not lead to quality shots). But these will show you, at least, that he really was up on stage dancing the hula.

On Tuesday, they spent the day kayaking the slow moving Wailua River for 2 1/2 miles with two hikes along the way in the Wailua River State Park.

Sarah and Jessica were in one kayak, Johnny and Ian in another, while Kevin had the single

Ian at one of the kayak stops

On the trail to Secret Falls

Secret Falls, with other tourists, so maybe not so secret

Sarah at the foot of Secret Falls

A massive vine on the hike back to kayaks. It looks like a snake!

Johnny thought this was the gnarliest tree he had ever seen.

Banana flower!

Can you see the tiny bananas at the base of this flower?

The Fern Grotto was on another hike from kayaking another branch of the Wailua River
The following day was Johnny's last full day in Kauai, so they stuffed in everything they could before he left. What more could there be?? Stay tuned for Part Five.

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