Sunday, August 25, 2013

Johnny's Hawaiian Adventure Part Two

On the second day, they explored Makawehi Lithified Cliffs on the beach near the hotel where they were staying (for the first few days).

The view from their room at the Grand Hyatt Hotel

Makawehi Lithified Cliffs. My dictionary does not have "lithified" so I turned to google, naturally, and found Makawehi Lithified Cliffs explained: "These unusual cliff formations were formed from sand dunes that have been weathered by wind and surf over the centuries." So now we know.

Kevin and Ian atop the strange cliffs

Johnny photographed this lizard on a short light pole at the hotel
That afternoon they moved to a condo on the north shore. The next day they went tubing through many tunnels on old sugar cane irrigation canals above Wailua. Johnny wisely did not take his camera tubing with him so there are no photos of that adventure. He did take photos of  "the best climbing tree ever", with Kevin in it. I don't know where that tree was/is. (In the comments below, Kevin explains about the climbing tree location and more.)

The next day was Kevin and Johnny's Big Hike: that will be Part Three of Johnny's Hawaiian Adventure.

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  1. "The best climbing tree ever" is on Pu'u Poa Beach, which is below our condo. We went by it on our way to explore the ruins of an abandoned resort complex on the bluff between our condo and the Hanalei River. It probably isn't the exact spot, but it feels like the location of the Frenchman's house from South Pacific. I haven't been able to find out anything about the property or why it was abandoned half-finished, but it is very intriguing - we didn't count but I bet there were 10 enormous concrete foundations / walls / patios set along the bluff, most cantilevered out over the slope. It would have been an amazing location - the views out over Hanalei Bay to "Bali Hai" are incredible. Near the bottom of the bluff (maybe 100' above the water) there was a swimming pool right on the edge, so you would have been able to see an awesome sunset view while swimming.