Friday, August 16, 2013

Saturday Adventures

On Saturday, we hiked around the farm gathering trail camera cards. Here the kids are making faces into the swamp camera. However, the swamp camera, as it turned out, was not working.

They growled at the next camera, too, and this time, some of them were caught in the act.

That camera card showed that a few days earlier, the doe we call Split Ear and her twin fawns had stopped in that very same spot.

 And that night, a five point buck had been there, too, staring at the camera.

On our daytime hike, we saw no deer, but we watched brave Johnny hold a horsetail plant in his mouth for Daishi to karate chop. Everyone had to give it a try, but I held it in my hands, not my mouth!

Yoko and Maki wanted to cook our supper that night, but they needed side meat and cabbage to go along with the many packages of Japanese mixes they brought with them. So, after a quick stop at Willamina's new Saturday Market, off we went to Autumn and Tim's farm where all the animals are free range and friendly... and where Autumn had plenty of side meat and cabbage for us. 

Selecting cabbages

Petting pigs

Holding chicks

 Then it was home again to where the animals are friendly, too. Especially Shirley. The kids insisted that Shirley understands Japanese.

Cedrus and Daishi, with a very happy Shirley

Saturday night, our Japanese family made us a delicious meal. (This photo of the three of them preparing food is the only one on Saturday from Johnny's camera. He was too busy having fun to take pictures, I guess. All the other photos are from Munazza's iPhone. Thank you, Munazza!)

 Too bad we have no photos of the finished products as they were beautifully presented as well as good tasting.

Yoko liked feeding Cedrus and he liked letting her.

Daishi liked Cedrus, too.

Game time! The Jenga game that Steve and Munazza brought was a big hit.

There it topples!

One more day left and we still had horse-back riding to fit in...

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