Friday, August 16, 2013

The Whirlwind Continues... Friday...

 On the second day (Friday), we all went to the beach. Yoko, Maki and I hiked up The Thumb to check on my Black Oystercatcher nest. The others played in the sand. Johnny took photos...

From Munazza's iPhone, more beach photos:

Johnny makes a maze, as always

Steve supervises a hill climb

Cedrus held his beloved Grandpa's hand whenever he could. He was a little jealous of  these kids who so obviously adored Johnny. But they adored Cedrus, too, so that helped. :-)
 Back on the farm later, Johnny brought out the rocket launchpad pieces he had made for all the kids to take home. Here Shigeto helps Hiyori put one together.

Koharu and Daishi decorate rocket bottles
On Friday evening, we all went to Androza's cafe for a delicious Farm to Fork dinner prepared by our good friends Autumn and her mom, Lorna. Autumn's dad, Ron, was dish washer. Johnny, Ron and I all went to college together in Illinois. Later, after Johnny and I, then Ron and Lorna, married and had children, Autumn and her brother Tim spent many childhood days on our farm with our kids.

As it turned out, we would see them again on Saturday...

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