Friday, August 16, 2013

Sunday, the Grand Finale

No visit to the farm with grandkids would be complete without Johnny's popcorn waffles. First, of course, comes popping the popcorn.

Kestrel and Cedrus watch for the popcorn to begin popping.

Steve climbed up on the woodstove to take this picture of the popcorn waffle feast.

 After breakfast, it was time to honor Yoko's request: horseback riding. She and Maki had each ridden Polly in years past. But Polly died last summer quite unexpectedly. So Mr. Smith had to fill in.







Three Fink boys lovin' up Jessie Anne

Steve... first time he's ever shown any interest in riding!


Mr. Smith investigating Maki's camera while Shigeto rides

But for the kids, as exciting as horseback riding was, the favorite animal was still Shirley.

The goats were a close second, especially Sweet William. Hiyori made a necklace for him.

And even one for his tail!

The EZ Go was popular, too, with the kids... as always.

Sunday afternoon we took a hike up Agency Creek Road at the tribal campground. A group photo of the six women by this tree was taken but I don't have that picture. Here are the six men. Munazza noted that this was the first time females in this family have not been out-numbered by males! We were even at six each.

Sunday evening was campfire and cookout time. Of course, we had to make some-mores.

 And eat watermelon...

Every night, the kids helped Johnny feed the goats. On the last night, they played castle in the hay loft. Cedrus was the castle kitten, in his cage. He liked his role so well he spent the rest of the evening crawling around the house meowing.

Kestrel and Cedrus gave a wonderful Michael Jackson show one afternoon but where the video is, I don't know. If someone posts it to youtube, I'll share the link.

Here are all five beautiful, wonderful children.

The kids adored Grandpa Johnny. My only claim to fame was the ice cream I made several nights from our goat milk: chocolate mint, babaco papaya, and vanilla with chocolate sauce. "Yummy", the kids agreed. So although we did not take Maki to the Tillamook Cheese Factory, she did get ice cream.

Our three Japanese "grandchildren" in front of the RV we rented for their family to sleep in.

On Monday, our California family headed home and our Japanese family flew to San Francisco, there to spend another two days of fun, some of it with Steve and Munazza and kids. Then it was back to Japan, where they arrived the day before they left. Such it is when you cross the date line.

So many happy memories to savor... until next time...

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