Thursday, August 22, 2013


My one regret while the Japanese family was visiting us during this hot, dry August, was that my roses were mostly not blooming. I could not keep them properly watered, so they quit. Can't blame them. But I took lots of photos before they gave up and will post those here. Alas, I did not catalog names as I snapped photos. If I can tell from the photo what one is, I name it in the caption. Some were here when we moved here in 1977 and I never did know their names.


Gebruder Grimm... It changes colors many times from bud to full open.

Playboy, from Heirloom Roses. The flowers start out yellow and orange and change to more peach and white..

Playgirl, just the second year I've had this Heirloom Rose

Paul's Himalayan Musk that has climbed thirty feet up our Lombardy Poplar. A once-bloomer.

A once-bloomer that was here when we moved here and spreads

Climbing Iceberg and a pink rose from a cutting I took from a friend's rose that had been on their property when they moved there in the 60's... I suspect it is Queen Elizabeth

Playboy again. I love this rose. Beautiful foliage as well as being covered in blooms (when kept watered)

                                                           And many more. I love roses.

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