Sunday, August 25, 2013

Johnny's Adventures in Hawaii, Part One

On Wednesday, August 14, just two days after our Japanese and California families left, Johnny left for Hawaii and our Washington family. Friday, August 23, at 1 a.m., Johnny arrived home from his week in Kauai. Kevin and family, who are staying for another week, filled his time with food and fun: hiking, kayaking, swimming, snorkeling and even hula dancing. Johnny took lots of photos so that's what these blog accounts will be: photos with captions. 

Red dirt in Waimea Canyon. It stains your hands and makes a terrific dye. Several years ago, Kevin and Jessica gave Johnny a shirt dyed with red dirt from this area. After much wear and many washings, it still looks the same: like red dirt.

Jessica and Ian

The many colors of Waimea Canyon

Looking north to the ocean beyond

Ian exploring

Beginning of the Pihea Trail, which they followed to a view point

Jessica and Kevin on the trail

The trail was scenic and bumpy! Kevin adds: ("Bumpy" is a bit of an understatement. Some of those "bumpy" sections are on a grade steep enough to require climbing up exposed roots like a ladder.)

So many colors of green in the jungle.
After the hike, they drove down and stopped at this amazing view. I had thought they saw it from the hike. Kevin explains: Actually, the last two photos are not from the Pihea Viewpoint. They are from a viewpoint down in the canyon that we stopped at on the way home (we didn't want to stop on the way up because we wanted to finish the hike in time to have lunch at the Koke'e Lodge, which closes early).

 the amazing painted hills

                 And so ended, after a beautiful all day hike, Day One of Johnny's Hawaiian adventure.

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