Friday, August 20, 2010

New Puppy and New Barn

Our new Livestock Guardian Dog pup, a Great Pyrenees, arrived day before yesterday. So far, he's a very well-behaved little guy. Well, not so little. The breeder (Sharon McCoy, a long-time friend of mine) said he should mature at 150 pounds. That's more than most of my goats weigh! He was born and raised with Sharon's Alpines and loves our Nubians. Our goats, however, do not return the feeling. They want nothing to do with him. Hopefully, they'll get used to McCoy soon. (We name our LGDs after the people we buy them from. Finegan came from Mel Finegan, Shirley Puppy from Shirley Buchholz, and now McCoy from Sharon McCoy.)

Today McCoy was sequestered in one of the buck pens while multiple trucks, people, and a giant cement truck invaded the barn area. Our new goat barn-to-be now has a foundation! If you look carefully at the picture below (or enlarge it), you will see Johnny on his bicycle, surveying the scene, and, across the fence behind the old barn, the new white puppy, on duty. I turned him back with the goats after everyone had left.
Stay tuned for periodic barn and puppy updates and photos.

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