Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Grandkid Week, Part Three: Kestrel and Cedrus

Johnny picked up Kestrel (3 1/2) and Cedrus (1 1/2) and their parents (Munazza and Steve) at the airport on Thursday, August 26, while Kinnera and her mom and I stayed home cooking turkey and making deviled eggs and ice cream.

The weather had cooled considerably, so the boys were bundled up for their first trek to the pond that evening, where they threw rocks and apples into the water to see them go splash. And, of course, they"drove" the tractors in Grandpa's new machine shed.

Friday was beach day. Kestrel spent it building and knocking down sand castles. Cedrus helped for awhile, but he preferred having his feet buried and rediscovered about a hundred times. Pictured are the castle builders hard at work. Well, one of them seems to be sleeping.

This is the dune where Steve and Kevin grew up and, for them, climbing the dune and running down is what you do at the beach. Here is Steve sharing his childhood tradition with Kestrel.

Another Fink family tradition at the beach is the maze. The big kids demonstrate. Kestrel studies the choices.

Cape Kiwanda has a climbing wall, cut out of the sand cliff. Steve and Munazza raced each other going up... Steve with no hands. No kidding. Cedrus didn't like his mom getting that far away from him.

Saturday, after canoeing and after Kinnera and family had left, we hiked to the river (Agency Creek). Cedrus is a good hiker, but it's a long way to the creek and there are lots of interesting things to stop and look at. Munazza thought we maybe should have started early in the morning to get there before dark.

Kestrel loved following the many winding paths in the arboretum and going bushwhacking through the Ponderosas with his Grandpa Johnny.

Once at creek side, it wasn't long before both boys were in that icy water.

Sunday was llama feeding time. Cedrus was really into feeding llamas. Kestrel preferred to let him. Those animals are big when you're on the ground looking up.

Munazza joined her family for one last canoe ride before they flew home. But she nearly went swimming instead... the canoe tipped as she climbed in. Her slacks hit the drink and she almost did, too. After the ride, Munazza modeled her wet backside. Good thing she's a good sport!

Kestrel and Cedrus had inside, as well as outside, fun. Here's a video of their bed bouncing hilarity that I put on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5o4EEwmmtE4

Our marathon grandkid week ended Sunday night when we took Kestrel and Cedrus and their parents back to the airport. It's very quiet here now. A gentle rain began as we neared home Sunday night and has rained off and on since then. The sky must be missing all the children, too. I'm glad we have photos to help us remember the joy of grandchildren on the Fink Family Farm.

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