Sunday, August 15, 2010

Burma Shave Signs

If you're old enough, you may remember the Burma Shave signs that lined lonely stretches of highway with rhymed messages, often with warnings for drivers. One I remember read:

He lit a match
To check gas tank
That's why they call him
Skinless Frank

Our long driveway gets considerable traffic from neighbors, delivery folk, and occasionally from people who think it is a public road. Some of them whiz down here too fast, causing the many birds that gather grit to scramble for their lives. At least one adult quail didn't make it this spring... I found him smashed flat at the edge of our driveway. Since we now have many families of quail using the driveway, I've been worried that more will go the same way. So with help from family and friends, we came up with two Burma Shave type rhymes to slow people down, hopefully. Johnny made the signs and put them up today.

As you enter our driveway you see these on the right:

As you leave, you see these:


  1. Smushed... Good description of the poor Quail. Right on!

  2. Wonderful! The long drive to the stable has bunnies, quail, and mourning doves all over it. Fortunately we get very little traffic - but I will remember the signs for the future :)