Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Grandkid Week, Part Two: Kinnera

One day after Ian left, Kinnera (along with her mom, our good friend Hazel) arrived by bus... not quite as close to Grand Ronde as Hazel had planned, but close enough for me to pick them up. It was 100 degrees the day they waited for an hour outdoors in Hillsboro for a bus to McMinnville that they missed. But the evening cooled and they revived enough for Kinnera to meet the new puppy that she had been eagerly waiting to meet. Kinnera, 11, loves animals. Mister McCoy* loved Kinnera.

*I had been having a hard time calling the puppy McCoy. And I kept referring to him as "her". Kinnera solved the problem by renaming him Mister McCoy. That works! Mister McCoy he has been ever since and I no longer have gender issues with him.

On her first day here, Kinnera hiked to the river with Shirley Puppy, met the newest baby goat, and helped with chores.

The very next day, Cedrus and Kestrel arrived ( with their parents, Steve and Munazza) and suddenly there were two small children to entertain and be entertained by. Here they are with Hazel.

On Friday, we all piled into Johnny's Roustmobile and drove to Cape Kiwanda to play in the sand. Kinnera built sand castles with the big kids (Johnny and Steve), and got herself buried in the sand.

But the highlight of the trip for Kinnera may have been back at the farm on Saturday with her first ever kayak experience. It was hard to believe it was her first, as she climbed in and paddled off as though she'd been doing it her whole life. She also took Johnny and Kestrel for a canoe ride on our pond before she, her mom, and her dad who only arrived that morning, left to attend a wedding and then drive back across the mountains to their home.

Kestrel and Cedrus and their parents stayed for another day of fun on the Fink Family Farm, pictured in Grandkid Week, Part 3.

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