Friday, April 2, 2010

Storm Warnings

Since we are supposed to get a ferocious wind and rain storm (which so far is mostly rain), I thought I'd catch up on farm news here before we lose power, if we do. The biggest news is the non-news that this stupid goat, Flashpoint, still has not produced kids. She is now over a week late and seems totally unconcerned, spending most of her time with her head in the feeder. The rest of the time she is chewing her cud and staring back at me when I check on her.

I relented and took photos of last weekend's slimy kids a few days after they were born and had become cute and bouncy. It is difficult, however, to take photos of moving targets. Whenever they stopped jumping it was because they had come over to stick their noses in the camera or chew on the camera strap.

The only other farm news of note is the opossum I found in the chicken house a couple nights ago. I had turned on the light to gather the day's eggs and there was the opossum with his head in the feeder, happily munching away. I tried to shoo him out but he was not interested in shooing. So I lifted the feeder out of his reach and fastened it up. He slowly ambled out the door into the chicken yard. If I'd had my wits about me, I would have gone in to get the camera, but opossums are not very attractive creatures, in my opinion, and the thought never occurred to me. I just wanted him to leave. The next day I dug out under the chicken yard gate so it would close all the way and keep the varmints out. I now know what has been happening to the disappearing turkey eggs laid on the chicken house floor.

Speaking of disappearing turkey eggs, I wondered why the turkeys that spent half their time in the chicken yard and half of it roaming around our house (they can fly out of the yard) were not nesting in the hay somewhere. Then Johnny found an egg in the llama/sheep area... just before Shirley Puppy found it. I wondered why her coat was getting so glossy. So now the turkeys are locked into the peafowl section of the chicken house which has a covered yard. They are laying lots of eggs.

That's the farm news for now. Still no wind here, just lots of rain. Surely Flashpoint will do something soon. Another doe, Rebecca, is due today. I hope to be on my way to Sacramento this time next week. Please tell me the goats won't mess up those plans.


  1. I meant to tell you that Francis thinks that we should come out and take over for you some week. It's a compelling idea actually.... could you teach us enough to do your work? Maybe not this year, but some time in the future? I would call it "farm camp" and it would save me the $300 per kid that places in Portland charge for a week of "nature experiences"!

  2. What I'd really like is someone to come cook and clean house. Don't suppose Francis would think that was a good idea? This time of year, with more and more goats freshening, even my milk-every-day-for-forty-years hands are about to fall off. I don't think anyone who doesn't milk on a regular basis would get through even one goat. Barn cleaning, however, takes no special talent... :-)