Saturday, April 17, 2010

California! Part 2 - The San Carlos Kids

After leaving Ruth's house Sunday about noon, I drove through ferocious rain and wind to San Carlos and Steve and Munazza's just-purchased and just-moved-into house. This one, unlike their last house, has a big yard for the kids to play in and sidewalks! We took several walks around the neighborhood (during breaks in the rain). Kestrel (3) and Cedrus (1) liked watching the dogs that were walking their people. Cedrus loved watching cars and trucks go by (Uk! Uk!)

We played games and with Kestrel's beloved trains and read books in their new playroom with the colorful rubber-block floor -- the only room in the house completely remodeled to date. The pantry is in the garage, the new kitchen cabinets not yet ordered, paint on the walls but needing touch up, new front door on order and most of the furniture (and everything else) waiting in the garage for the remodeling to be done. Cedrus and Kestrel don't mind, but their parents are a little frenzied. Pictured are Munazza
reading books in the play room with the boys and Auntie Fudge
reading to Cedrus in the living room.

The yard is wonderful with a lemon and orange tree hedge in the front, new sod and a fun-to-play-beneath camellia-filled corner in the back (that's Kestrel in Camellia Corner), plus this magnificent wisteria climbing up a huge gnarled cedar. There's a big covered patio all along the back of the house so the kids have a place to play outdoors even if it rains. We ordered a play structure while I was there for another corner of the yard. What a great place for kids! (And this outdoor-loving grandma.)

Meanwhile, back home on the farm, Johnny spent three days getting a new hot water heater installed and working... with his own set of problems doing so. Because our hot water is preheated through the wood stove, he could not build a fire until the water was turned on again so he (and my house plants) endured a couple of cold days. I am so glad I was in Folsom and San Carlos with their functioning hot water heaters and showers.

Next time... homeward bound!

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