Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Yesterday, as per plan, Irv and I went to the feed store and picked up our pre-ordered chicks. We put them on Irv's back porch where he had his home-made brooder all ready for them. The photos were taken when they first arrived before they started venturing a bit away from the warm infrared lamps.

Today, Easter Sunday, my last goat to kid until June went into labor as I was doing chores in the morning. After chores, she was still messing around, so I wandered around the yard taking photos of some of the daffodil types blooming right now.

And some of the first tulips to open.
Finally, when Rebecca seemed to be getting nowhere, I went in to help. Soon she had two healthy doe kids by her side. Momma and babies are doing well. A happy Easter, indeed.

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