Tuesday, April 27, 2010

An Apology and Excuses...

First, for those of you who read this blog by email, my apologies... What you get is a first draft. I can sometimes hear son Steve gnashing his teeth in anguish over the awkward constructions. Now for the excuses...

Blogspot sends my blog entries to the email recipients just as soon as I click on "publish", which I do as soon as I write the first draft. The reasons I send it so prematurely are twofold: first, I can't tell how the words are going to be broken or where the pictures are going to end up until I actually publish it. So I do and then change things around to make them end up in the right places. Secondly, I'm impatient. Since this blog is supposed to be fun (from my point of view), I don't want to take the time I take with the articles and columns I sell to magazines. Those I sit on for a day or two before revising. I do revise the blog after it's published, usually several times, but immediately, not days later. My advice to email recipients is go to the web when my blog appears in your email and read it there, http://lindafink.blogspot.com/, preferably hours after it arrives. If it still makes you gnash your teeth, well, try again in a week. Maybe I'll eventually clean it up.

As for my ric rac cactus's excuse, I'm not sure. The second flower opened after I went to bed last night (at 10:30) instead of at dusk, like it's supposed to. Perhaps our days are so gray that it can't tell when dusk is. The first picture shows how it looked all day yesterday. The second was taken this morning. Here's hoping it stays open all day.

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