Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Flight to San Diego in Photos

Johnny's little camera came with me on my trip to visit my brother and his wife in Escondido, California, since mine would have been too awkward to carry around. As always, I claimed a window seat in the plane. Usually when I fly, all I see are clouds. But this time, the skies were clear, or nearly clear, most of the way. I took a jillion photos.

When I left home early morning on Thursday, March 22, there was snow on the ground at our farm and flakes were gently falling. The snow had started (again) the day before and was on the ground all the way driving to Portland. At the airport, there was a dusting but most had melted. I flew Alaska Airlines in a plane just like this one.

As we climbed higher, the snow beyond the warmth of airport tarmac was obvious. Soon snowy mountains appeared. I couldn't believe the ground was still visible with few clouds to obscure my view.

But the earth did, for a time, disappear below the highest cloud layer. I am always amazed at the sharp division between brilliant blue sky and white cloud blanket below.

As we reached the Oregon-California border (near as I could tell), the ground reappeared and stayed visible all the way to San Diego. I was transfixed by the changing landscapes below.

San Diego is a city of palm trees. These are all in the airport parking lot! Although the temperature (60's F) was cool for this time of year in San Diego county, it was most definitely warmer (and drier) than back home in Oregon. And look at that blue sky!

Next up: Escondido.

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