Thursday, March 1, 2012

Art in a Leap Year

It seems I have leaped right over some photos I wanted to add to this journal/blog.

The day I picked Johnny up from the train station in Salem after his California trip, I took him the long way home, to see artwork by long-time friends Monica and her dad Roy Setziol in the new Chemeketa Community College building, McMinnville campus, along with artwork by many other local artists on display throughout the building. And also to see friend Totem Shriver's exhibit at the Linfield College art gallery. Johnny took all these photos with his camera. Below is Monica's weaving and wood piece, along with her description of it.

Monica's Dad, LeRoy Setziol, a world renowned sculptor, died some years ago but the college managed to buy a large piece of his for the entry. It is impressive.

Next we went to "The Church of Totem" as he dubbed his exhibit. Johnny did not take any photos inside the gallery, but this is the sculpture outside the front door that Totem and his art students at Linfield built. In the spirit of "Burning Man", this sculpture will be burned in a public ceremony in April. Too bad. It's a pretty cool edifice.

Inside are a few of Totem's large wood sculptures, some paintings, photographs, and an intricate, many-storied, toothpick building. On one wall is an array of "family photos". Totem invited friends and viewers to post pictures of their families on the wall and many have. In the center of the gallery sits an organ and two sofas. This Church of Totem is used, during the exhibit, for gatherings of classes, clubs, or whomever wants to use the space. On Friday evenings for the length of the exhibit, Totem opens it up for people to come visit, sing, dance, or whatever. We were there in the late afternoon and Totem was in the gallery, talking to some visitors while others played the organ. Totem wants his exhibit to be interactive as he believes the viewer brings as much to the art as does the artist.

The Church of Totem is open through March 17. More information is on the Linfield website:

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