Sunday, March 4, 2012

Another Orchid Show

The Cherry City Orchid Society of Salem, Oregon, held their show and sale this Saturday and Sunday. But Saturday I had volunteered to help at a horse show in McMinnville, which I did while Johnny ran errands. Then we both drove to Dallas for feed, detouring on the way, naturally, at Baskett Slough National Wildlife Refuge, where I took this photo of an Osprey, either an early migrant or an over-wintering bird.

To prove that I don't just take photos of birds and flowers and scenery, I took a photo of Andy loading our feed into the van. He was upset with me for taking a picture of him working because he professes to do nothing and was worried that if anyone caught him actually doing something they'd expect him to do it regularly. Andy and the other friendly folks at Old Mill Feed and Garden make buying feed a lot of fun. That takes some of the sting out of all the money I spend there.

Sunday morning early, I unloaded all that expensive feed with Johnny's expert help driving the tractor. We use the front bucket to lift the feed up to the loft of the horse barn where I unload it.

After chores, friends John and Barbara arrived and the three of us took off for Salem and the orchid show. Oh my, what an incredible display of orchids. Knowing Johnny would act disappointed if I didn't bring him an orchid ("act" being the pivotal word here) , I bought two mini-Phalanopsis orchids in bloom, one for each of us. Johnny's first question when we arrived home was, as always when I go to a plant sale, "Did you buy me anything?" Then he laughs. At the last orchid show and sale I had to disappoint him. This time I did not. Hah! I even gave him his pick of the two orchids.

Here are some of the gazillion photos I took of this incredible show.

On the way home, we stopped, naturally, at Baskett Slough. Although too early for the Short-eared Owl show, we saw handsome Red-winged Blackbirds, along with many other birds I either did not photograph or did not photograph well.

A weekend that starts with horses (too bad I didn't take my camera to the fairgrounds) and also birds, has beautiful flowers in the middle, and ends with more birds... is a very good weekend indeed.

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