Wednesday, October 6, 2010

WEG Photos and Wildlife Stories

Since I am having difficulty finding time to write about the World Equestrian Games, anyone who would like to see photos can go to my facebook WEG album. (You don't have to belong to facebook to see the photos). I am putting more pictures into that album daily. Eventually, I'll have gone through all 800 that I took and posted the best.

In time, I'll put some photos on my blog entries, whenever I get around to writing them... life at home keeps getting in the way. Today's distraction, other than freezing the garden produce I picked yesterday, was the otter. Last night, it was the bear.

Yesterday, I had the brilliant idea of turning Polly out in the yard to eat the apples since, with the pears gone, the bear has been coming to the apple tree right outside our back door. I'm really getting a bit tired of this bear stuff. Polly, who is 31 and the only one of my four horses who can eat all the grass and apples she wants without getting too fat or foundering, did a good job. But my brilliant plan backfired.

Last night, with fewer apples in easy reach, the bear dismantled the barrel I keep the dog food in, ripped open the sack, and ate half of it. That is very expensive bear food. Johnny has now put two bungie cords holding down the lid in hopes that will deter the bear. I plan to leave a light on in Johnny's shop (the barrel is just outside) so if I see the varmint, I can bang pans together or something and scare it off. From inside the house.

Before I left for Kentucky and WEG, I took this photo of wet bear tracks crossing the road. We now know how he gets here.... through the wetlands by the creek that runs alongside our driveway.

The otter that was feeding in our pond today is not a problem, just a distraction. I'm glad, though, he isn't as big as a bear because he's quite unafraid and spent a good deal of time scolding me. You can hear him in this video.

I returned from the civilized bluegrass country of Kentucky, where I saw a lot of horses but very few birds, a couple squirrels, and no other wildlife, to the wildlife mecca of our farm. It is good to be home where the wild creatures roam, although I would prefer some of them roam a little farther from my back door.

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