Monday, November 23, 2009

A Sunny Disposition

I overheard Johnny telling his son on the phone this morning that it looked like it was going to be a nice day today. There was fog, but not rain, so Johnny was sure it would clear up and be nice. I looked out the window. It was so foggy outside I couldn't see the trees near our house. The fog did lift... by noon... and it did not rain. That equates to "nice" for Johnny.

He also told Kevin that the weekend was beautiful. It rained and blew some at night, he said, but the days were clear. Sometimes I wonder if Johnny and I live on the same planet. This weekend we had a violent wind and rain and hail storm, complete with thunder and lightning. True, it was mostly at night, but Johnny and I were both in the horse barn at nine Sunday morning, trying to figure out how to divert the river of water that was pouring through, when it hailed so hard on the metal roof we could not shout loud enough to be heard.

Later on Sunday, as we drove to friends' for a mid-day meal, Johnny commented on what a beautiful sunny day it was... in the five minutes of sunshine we had on the half hour drive there. (The rest of the time it was either raining or just gray.)

I think Johnny has what is called a "sunny disposition." He knows the sun still shines above the darkest skies. What a blessing to live with someone who can remind me what a beautiful day it is, even when it doesn't seem to be.

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  1. Thanks for figuring out how to let little ole me post on your blog. Now I promise that I won't spam you.
    So my husband Brad loves to predict the weather, which he does with startling assuredness, if not accuracy.
    We have a joke about this in our family. I call it, "Brad Werth, meteorologist". He says, "It is going to clear up today." I say, "Why thank you, Brad Werth, meteorologist!". Sometimes he is right and sometimes he is wrong, and at those wrong times he says, "This is just not what they taught me in meteor school!"