Saturday, November 14, 2009

More On Apple Grinding...

Kevin commented and asked a question. Johnny thought others might like the answer and we couldn't figure out how to add that to the previous blog. (Duh... )

Kevin's question:

That's quite the gear ratio between the motor and grinder! Is the plunger designed so it doesn't quite reach the grinder teeth?

Johnny's reply:

Top pulley is 14 inches in diameter. Bottom one is 2. After you eat the pi on both sides of the equation, the top axle runs 7 times slower than the bottom. Haven't computed the speed of the stainless steel grinding teeth yet but it's about 4 inches in diameter x pi x 1740 revolutions per minute divided by 7. The rule of thumb is to not put your thumb down there in the first place!

The plunger is made 1/4 inch shy of the depth to the teeth when the plunger handles are flat against the top pan.

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