Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Endless Harvest

The garden started producing so late, I despaired of having ripe corn. Little did I know winter would wait to arrive until... well, who knows. This is November 6 and we have not had a killing frost yet. I  picked and froze a couple bushels of corn this weekend... with more ripening.

The green peppers won't quit. I have cooked lots of stuffed peppers and frozen lots more.

Today I picked and froze cauliflower. A few weeks ago I assumed I would get none as the cauliflower was making giant leaves but no heads.

I also picked the last of the summer squash, although I left this giant patty pan one. It was hiding amongst all the pumpkins and corn.

The rainbow-leaved chard just keeps coming...

The Delicata squash took a long time to ripen, but finally did and today I brought them in, lots of them.

I grew a Japanese winter squash this year. I will have to ask my Japanese sister how to cook it (them) properly.

I have not yet brought in the Japanese squash or the huge pumpkins. Hopefully, I have enough friends who want pumpkins because we sure don't need this many.

This one grew through the fence into the chicken yard

Normally by this time of year, our nights are in the 30s. This year, our nights are in the 50s. My roses are totally confused and are starting to make buds and bloom again.

I'm not complaining. It feels good to have so much food in the freezer. If winter ever does come, we'll be ready. Until then, we'll keep eating fresh food from the garden. I even have an artichoke ready to be picked. Life is good.

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