Friday, November 4, 2016

Halloween Witch Migration

This year, as every year, witches crash into our yard about a week before Halloween. Apparently, we are on their migratory flight path. Some of them are not very good fliers. Or maybe they don't see well in the dark.

One hits this tree every year

One landed in the back yard. She must have been going very fast...

This witch slammed into the back door

We had a strong wind and the back door must have blown open, letting this witch hit the inside door into the kitchen.

Strangest of all, this witch must have flown through when both the back door and the kitchen door were open, then realized her mistake and tried to fly out but the kitchen door had already slammed shut.

That same strong wind storm that blew the above witches around caused a bit of a tornado. It seems to have picked our woodshed up and dropped it back down on a witch wearing ruby slippers. Hmm....

I'm glad the witch migration occurs only once a year.

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