Sunday, October 2, 2016

Oregon Shakespeare Festival, 2016, Act Two

At 9:30 Tuesday morning, Steve and Munazza and Kestrel and Cedrus met Toni and Ian and me at Lithia Park as prearranged. There is a wonderful playground there and we made good use of it. I took a zillion photos of my grandkids, of course.


Kestrel, who doesn't seem bothered by spinning around. It made me dizzy just to watch.

Both boys are very agile and apparently fearless.

Here the boys climb an impossibly wiggly rope thingie. I think it's called a Spider.

 Kestrel went straight for the top...

 ... and posed when he reached it...

Then it was off to the swings. Steve soon got in the act...

Ian twisted himself around and then untwisted so fast I thought he was going to unscrew his head from his body.

Someone started a game of tag and I joined in so that's the end of the photos at Lithia Park.

That afternoon. after lunch, we all went to see Yeomen of the Guard, or rather an adaptation of it with lots of audience participation. Some people paid extra money to sit in the middle of the action. We were glad we had not done that as those people had to leap up and move to a different resting place whenever an actor needed to move through where they had been sitting.

Ruth arrived from California in time to join us for supper. Her horse had been ill and she waited for him to recover completely before driving up to Ashland.  That night we all watched the Green Show on a stage on The Bricks, between all three theaters. At 8 p.m. we entered the outdoor theater and saw a most fantastical musical: The Wiz. The kids loved both plays. So did the rest of us. I love the outdoor Elizabethan ... and watching the flag being raised to fly over the highest point of the theater, signaling the start of the play. A trumpet sounds, house lights go out, and the play begins.

Steve and family left the next morning to return home. Ian and I returned from Judy and Don's to prepare for another day of two plays with a different Green Show between them. That story with photos in Act Three...

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