Saturday, October 1, 2016

Oregon Shakespeare Festival, 2016, Act One

Grandson Ian joined me on my annual pilgrimage to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon, this year. On the way, we picked up friend Toni. We had reserved the same AirBnB that Toni, friend Ruth from California, and I have stayed in before. But this year we had Ian with us and I thought a 15-year-old boy might not enjoy staying with three old ladies. so he and I stayed nights with friends Judy and Don in Jacksonville. It was a more complicated arrangement than usual but worked out fine, thanks to hospitable Judy and Don who did not complain about our late night entries, after evening performances, entries always announced by their dog, Rusty.

But I'm getting ahead of my story. Ian arrived the Friday evening before our Monday departure for Ashland. His train was 3 1/2 hours late because of a freight train derailment that closed the tracks. I hoped that wasn't an omen.

Saturday was a lovely day, so we wandered around enjoying the flowers...

Autumn Crocus (colchicums)

Crabapples... and flowers. This tree bloomed at the proper time, set fruit, and now is blooming again!

Hardy Fuschia

The roses, like the crabapple, are a bit confused about what season it is. They had stopped blooming during the heat but now seem rejuvenated and ae blooming like mad.
Then Ian and I hiked to the river, reopening a path as we went. I was leading, looking for the long lost trail camera. I had searched these woods over and over and was convinced someone had stolen the camera. But after I passed the tree pictured below, Ian hollered, "Hey! Here's a trail camera!" And there it was... Ian became my hero.

We continued on our way down to the creek with its lovely reflections.

Here Ian crosses a downed tree across the water.

This photo was taken just before the root Ian was holding onto broke off in his hand. He made a flying leap and landed on a gravel bar in the middle of the stream.

On Sunday, we studied the plays. Ian was taking a week off school for this excursion, and his teachers wanted reports when he returned. I always read the Shakespeare plays before watching them as I get a lot more out of them that way. But we didn't have time to read all four Shakespeare plays we were going to see, so we read synopses... and some analyses from my various books on the Bard.

It was a full day of driving on Monday with a few stops along the way. We picked up friend Toni at her place and landed in Ashland tired and hungry. Ian's magic phone found a Mexican restaurant on the way into town so we ate supper before arriving at the airbnb. The next day was to be full... meeting the California contingent in the morning, then afternoon and evening plays, separated by supper and the Green Show. 

Up next... Act Two... Let the Play Begin!

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