Thursday, August 18, 2016

Johnny's August Trip to California

Johnny took the Amtrak down to California for a few days of projects with Steve, Munazza, Kestrel and Cedrus. He took lots of photos of their Parkour course and lumber rack projects before his camera quit. I had never heard of Parkour but apparently everyone else has. I went to Wikipedia and found that it has become a popular urban sport derived from military training where one bounds, climbs, swings and whatever else is necessary to get over and around obstacles.

Kestrel walking across the top beam of the swing from their back yard play structure. I think it is better for me to see this in a photo than in person.

Cedrus walking the two by four. Brave children!

They took the short ladder off the play structure and turned it into a difficult to walk on bridge

Kestrel making it even more difficult by walking on the hand rails

And then he runs down the 2 x 4 to the ground. Oh my.

Cedrus walking the bridge

Those kids have good balance!

Johnny was amazed that they could walk down this skinny pipe.
 Well, it wasn't always a perfect success...

The zip line that Johnny and Steve installed some years ago is still a favorite.. and now part of the Parkour course.

Cedrus showed off another of his talents: painting.

Kestrel made a movie of the Parkour course. Here he is editing it, taking out pieces and adding music. Wow.

But they're still kids. Cedrus hugging his giraffe.
 After the Parkour course was finished, everyone turned their attention to building a lumber holder in one corner of the yard.

One of Johnny's jobs was to teach everyone how to use the new tools they had bought. Munazza learned well. Johnny said she did most of the sawing.

Here Kestrel helps his dad with the final touches

And there it is with the surplus pieces of wood neatly categorized and out of the way... ready for the next project.

On Johnny's last day, he and Steve remodeled the kids' beds as per their request, but his camera had quit by then so no photos. I think canopies were added and under-bed storage space. Johnny had a great time and it looks like much was accomplished in his few days there.

Obviously, Kestrel and Cedrus are not the kids you hear about who spend all their time glued to an electronic device. They certainly know how to use computers but they also swim, dance, camp, hike, play musical instruments, draw, paint, write, read, play games, design and build things, put on plays on their backyard stage... and now build confidence, balance and coordination on their Parkour course.

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