Thursday, May 5, 2016


It's been spring-like for some time and we have been very busy with spring stuff on the farm. Johnny has spread barkdust on all the paths, built an arena fence on the north side to match the south fence, chopped a lot of firewood and much more. I've been weeding and hoeing and planting... and fighting with my new computer. And now and then taking photos of what's blooming. Here are some from a few days ago.

The new arena fence...

To travel back in time, here are the photos of blooming pear and apple trees... and others... that I promised in an earlier blog. These were taken early April.

Those trees are done blooming but today more flowers opened, including roses. Everything has been about a month early. Peonies opened in March and are still blooming today, May 5, along with the just-opening roses. The following photos were taken today.

The rugosa roses and hawthorns in the arboretum are blooming, too.

The veggie garden is not ready for photographs. I am trying yet another weed-suppression system... mulching with paper feed sacks (50# sacks) between the rows. It's not a pretty picture, but better than hoeing the entire garden.

Happy Spring!

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