Sunday, April 3, 2016

Farm Life is Not All Sunshine and Flowers

March went out with a bang. That was the sound of another truck hitting the side of my truck. And that was one of the least unpleasant things to happen in one week of March, the week that Johnny happened to be out of town. A goat died, several kids from other does were born dead, then my computer died, and, as aforementioned, someone hit my truck as I was pulling out of the feed store parking lot.

Here is my dented truck.

It will be three or four weeks, the collision service tells me, before the parts come in. That's okay, I don't need to drive it. And the other guy's insurance company is going to pay for fixing it.

The two baby goats I'm bottle feeding (because their mother died during the Horrible Week) are adorable, and have already visited my friend Marilyn in a senior center, plus entertained numerous small children visiting here at the farm.

And, although it rained all of the Bad Week, it has been sunny for the last week and flowers are blooming.

With Johnny home and the weather good, we opted to spend a day hiking down to Bible Creek Falls on the last day of March. It was a steep climb and the falls very difficult to see in totality because the creek turns a corner on its way down, plus is at the bottom of a very steep gorge. But we did get some photos. More are on my waterfall blog.

And, after several weeks of only being able to read email for a few minutes a day before the computer died again, today it has behaved itself long enough for me to write this blog and the waterfall blog. And it allowed me to send my monthly humor column to United Caprine News. However, it is a very old computer and will die again soon, so a new one is on order.

And so life on the farm goes on... sometimes with a few bumps along the way.

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