Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Death of a Computer

About two weeks ago, my computer sputtered and died. Our good friend and computer whiz, Matt Huegli, kept it going long enough for me to get my monthly column sent. After much discussion and deliberation, we decided I should get a new computer and Windows 10. I am a virtual Luddite so anything technological is beyond me. However, Matt has tried hard to make my new computer, which arrived a few days ago, as much like my old XP as he could. But I am still in a steep learning curve. The photo program is different; the photo editing program is different; the new Word is different; the new Excel is different. All these upgrades leave me terror struck.

But life goes on, even when the computer doesn't. I have been gardening, writing letters longhand, and enjoying life without a computer. However, I missed being able to record my photos of various goings on with this blog. So here is a little catching up... of mostly baby goats.

I'll start with a waterfall excursion from last week. Cosper Creek Falls is just a few miles up the road from us. Since I'm bottle feeding baby goats three times a day, I can't go far or long. I liked this photo so well that Matt made it my start page on my new computer. More about this falls is on my waterfall project blog page  http://ourwaterfallproject.blogspot.com/2016/04/cosper-creek-falls-and-kissing-rock.html

I also took lots of photos of our blooming crab apple and pear and apple trees... spectacular this year. But those photos I have not gone through yet so I'll save them for an entire Beautiful Spring blog post later... when I work up the courage to wrestle with the photo editing program again...

Mostly I took photos of baby goats.

the three wethers

Cindy Lou and her baby, Cleopatra, the newest kid on the farm
 Here is Cleopatra, peeking out from one of her hiding places.

BB Gold, the oldest kid, our only other doeling besides Cleopatra

One of the handsome spotted wethers with BB Gold (Goldilocks) behind him.

I took lots of photos of neighbor children loving up baby goats, just yesterday.




Before they played with the baby goats, the children played the feather game with our swallows.

I did not get good photos of this. But the swallows had a great time diving after the white feathers that friend Velta saves for me from her molting geese each year. And the kids and their mom had a great time watching the swallows do aerial acrobatics while trying to steal feathers from each other so they could take the captured feathers into their own nest gourds.

Between morning chores and afternoon bottle feeding last Saturday, I dashed off to Miller Woods and their Earth Day celebration to catch friend Karen Hoyt's Birds of Prey demonstration. She does a great job spreading information to children and their parents about our resident hawks and owls, with the help of her educational birds that, because of various injuries, cannot survive in the wild.

Great Horned Owl and Karen

Peregrine Falcon
And so, life goes on... It was actually rather nice, although a mite stressful at times, to be without a computer. But I'm glad to be back and able to post photos to my blog.

Johnny is now without a cell phone as his died suddenly yesterday. But he thinks it just needs a new battery. Hopefully, in some dusty corner of some warehouse, batteries for our ancient cell phones still exist. How strange that we have become dependent on these electronic devices that we lived happily without for many, many years.

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