Friday, September 5, 2014

Naked Ladies

Naked Ladies are otherwise known as Amaryllis belladonna. They are a bulb that has leaves in the spring that die down by midsummer. I never even notice the leaves in my wild mess of a garden. Late summer, tall flower stalks emerge with lovely pink lilies on top. It seems to me they bloom in a different location every year. I don't know if underground creatures, of which we have a plenitude, move them around or if, in the dead of night, under cover of darkness, the naked ladies tip toe to a new site.

My brother gave me the bulbs many years ago. I always forget about these flowers until they suddenly appear in August.

Our other mysterious flower, the Voodoo Lily, aka Amorphophallus konjac, I have no idea where came from. It is in the arboretum and currently has berries where the flowers were earlier. But the flower stems have shriveled and collapsed so the pretty berries lie on the ground.

I will be interested to check the stats on this blog in a few days to see how many people view it. "Easter Chicks All Grown Up" stands 4th in all time viewings of my blog posts with 633 visits. I suspect there are not that many people interested in chickens. We'll see how many folks are interested in Naked Ladies. :-)

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  1. I visit every week - Chickens, goats, naked ladies, BLOY, I love it all!