Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Johnny's Trips

For the second time this spring, Johnny has been up at Traumhof working on projects for Kevin and Jessica. The first one, at the end of April, was to build a greenhouse and deliver a Gator with a box extension on the back that he had built to keep the hay and manure they haul from dropping into the working parts and wrecking the engine.

Here's the greenhouse, full of flowers.

And here's the Gator with the Johnny-made box extension.

The box blocked visibility so this trip, which Johnny just returned from, he installed a window.

The main purpose of this trip was to install two new water heaters to replace a leaky heat exchanger.

Also, Johnny and Kevin built a deer fence around Kevin's garden in hopes of keeping the deer from eating up all the produce this year.

Their two beautiful Bengal cats enjoyed exploring the newly fenced garden. Kevin put chicken wire around the bottom to keep the cats inside.

Traumhof is abloom this spring, Johnny reports. He took a photo of their Golden Chain tree, magnificent right now.

While Johnny was up at Traumhof, Steve called him from California wanting to know if his dad could come down there in June to do a major plumbing project. Of course, Johnny wants to go.

But I have some fencing that needs doing plus hay to be cut and baled and moved into the barn (weather permitting). For some reason, Johnny thinks working for his kids is more fun than working for me. Maybe it's the food: Kevin, Jessica, Steve and Munazza are all excellent cooks and actually cook meals instead of just pulling stuff out of the garden and freezer and throwing it on the table. Or maybe our grandkids are the draw. They certainly are a major reason I would like our kids to live closer.

But, actually, Johnny just loves working with his two boys. He always has.

Maybe he will be inspired to do my projects quickly so he can take off for California. Here's hoping...

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