Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Johnny Up North

Less than two weeks after Johnny returned from helping out the kids in California, he took off north to help the kids in Washington. Kevin was at a conference in Las Vegas and Jessica was joining him for a few days. Johnny went up to ferry Ian to school, gymnastic practices, and horseback riding lesson. Plus, of course, he went up to work on a project: rebuilding the back gate on Traumhof's dump truck. Jessica's big horse boarding and dressage training facility produces a lot of horse manure that has to be cleaned up and hauled off to the local garden center. The dump truck is an essential piece of Traumhof equipment... and it definitely needed a new back gate.

Although Johnny had orders to get photos of grandson Ian, he did not take many. Here are a few from Ian's gymnastic practices.

The day before Johnny came home, Ian's gymnastic class had group photos taken. Johnny went with Jessica and Ian, but this photo was taken by Jessica and posted on her facebook page, where I stole it.

No photos at all of the horseback riding lesson. Sigh.

Johnny had a great time both on his train rides up and back and with Ian. And he finished his dump truck project. Now I'm ready for him to stay home for awhile.

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