Saturday, November 30, 2013

Don't Cough on the Turkey

Several days after Johnny returned from the kids up north, he came down with the flu bug that Kevin and Jessica had brought home from their trip to Las Vegas. I, of course, was sure I would not get it because I took lots of preventive stuff that has never failed me. Until this time. A week before Thanksgiving I succumbed to the fever and chills and coughing that is the hallmark of this year's flu. I'm still not over the tiredness and the coughing.

My routine has been to drag myself out of bed in the morning, stagger out to the barns to feed, stagger back and flop into my reclining chair until I have enough energy to stagger back out, turn the horses out and milk the goats. Then go to bed until it is time for night chores. I do not do sick well.

I was well enough to cook the turkey and etc. for the few people brave enough to enter the House of Coughing. But the traditional hike after supper disappeared. At least we have plenty of leftovers so I don't have to think about cooking for days. Fortunately, Johnny seems to be recovering faster than I. At least, he doesn't sleep all day anymore. Of course, he had a couple days head start. The family up north are recovering, although still tired and some of them still with coughs. It's a nasty bug.

As a consequence of this Thanksgiving week flu, I took virtually no photos. Just before the last of the guests departed yesterday, I took a photo of David lovin' up the llamas and his friend Josh giving Shirley Puppy attention.

Our animals loved having these young men visit for a couple days. And so did Johnny and I... but I sure hope they don't get this bug. I don't think we were contagious anymore... and I tried hard not to cough on the turkey.

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