Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Hay is in the Barn!

Last night and today we have had a little rain. Amazingly, our grass/lotus hay is all in the barn... about a month earlier than usual. And with no rain on it. Hooray!

Neighbor Paul cut on Monday and Tuesday.

 Johnny raked on Thursday and Friday.

 Neighbor Paul baled on Saturday.

While Paul baled, neighbor Chuck threw bales onto the trailer for Johnny to stack. I drove the tractor.

 At the barn, Chuck put the bales on the hay elevator while I ferried them from elevator to Johnny the stacker in the barn loft. Here is the trailer after the last load was in the barn.

 This is a decidedly low tech operation compared to modern methods. We're just one step up from horse farming. But the hay is in the barn! And in bales light enough for us to handle. This is the first time we have picked up all the bales the same day they were baled. Since we cut a month early (it is almost never dry enough in early June to cut), we got less hay than last year. But with a little rain, which it looks like we will have, we may get a second cutting. Hooray!

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