Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Week in Review

 On Monday, Johnny and I did our last raptor route of the season, 85 miles between Salem and Gates. Mt. Jeff was lovely on this spring day.

 For the rest of the week, I weeded. Plus planted seeds in greenhouse flats and in outdoor raised boxes that Johnny made screen tops for to keep the critters from stealing my seeds. I'll do a gardening post sometime with photos.

When I washed off my shovel at the end of each day in the spigot under the kitchen window, this hummingbird was guarding the hummingbird feeder that hangs outside that window. (Story on my Birds blog)

Yesterday, Saturday, Filigree had triplets, including this colorful little guy.

Today, Easter Sunday, I groomed all three horses, then put their grazing muzzles back on since this is the time of year when the rapidly growing grass can give them laminitis. I took their photo, with Spirit Mountain and their shelter in the background, as I walked around the farm gathering trail camera cards, as I do most every Sunday.

These pretty pink flowers are everywhere in our woods. I think they are Cardamine Nutallii, but I've always called them Spring Queens.

The first trilliums are blooming, a sure sign of spring.

As always, I sat by Agency Creek for a time before checking the third and last trail camera. This female Common Merganser was resting on the opposite shore.

Fallen alder catkins clung to a branch in the creek, looking, to me, like stranded, colorful worms.

Back at the barn, D-Ona had triplets this evening, Easter Sunday. Here they are brand new and slimy. They'll be cute by tomorrow.

This warm and dry weather is supposed to last another few days. I will be ready for April showers so I can take a break from gardening.

And tomorrow is April Fool's Day! If I don't get to bed soon, it will be tomorrow and I'll be the fool.

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