Friday, March 22, 2013

Almost Spring

It always snows when the daffodils bloom and this year is no different. This morning, two days after the first day of spring, we woke to a light dusting of snow over everything. It continued to snow off and on through the morning, with sun breaks. Now it has cleared up, but the mountains are still snowy and pretty.

The day before the first day of spring,  I walked around gathering trail camera cards and taking photos of almost-spring.

Indian Plum blooming against a mossy maple
The first Skunk Cabbage to bloom on our farm

Woodpecker holes that will soon disappear behind foliage

Agency Creek. A Dipper flew by as I stood here.

My favorite maple, without a trace of leaves yet.

Lily leaves poking through the leaf litter.

Red-flowering current blooming in the arboretum.

Modoc Cypress and its colorful fruiting bodies

The daffodil path from house to shop.

Here is that path this morning, after the snowfall.

Watching over all was... and is... Spirit Mountain, glistening white in the early morning sunshine.

No matter what the calendar says, it is still Almost Spring.

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