Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Twelve hours down and twelve hours back but worth every second. The weather was beautiful on the way south and Mt. Shasta was magnificent. I listened to my Teaching Company tape of the life and music of Beethoven, music as grand as the scenery I was driving through.

The best, of course, was seeing the California grandkids. I love hearing Kestrel's sweet voice saying "Grandma". Usually he was saying "Grandma, Grandpa is calling you." The new kids' kitchen Kestrel was given for his 3rd birthday has a play phone (and microwave and refrigerator and stove). After handing me the phone, Kestrel would proceed to tell me why Grandpa was calling... usually to say that he was on Amtrak or the Caltrain and almost to Kestrel's house. Eventually, I convinced Kestrel that Grandpa had better not be almost to Kestrel's house because he needed to stay home and milk goats until I returned.

Auntie Fudge made Kestrel a cake decorated with train shapes and strawberry smoke. Kestrel loves trains and loved blowing out his candles.

Cedrus, at one year, is adorable and cuddly and happy. And quite able to hold his own with his older brother. Cedrus, the little charmer, knows how to get what he wants.

Of course, it was fun to spend time with Kestrel and Cedrus's parents, too. Let's see now, what are their names? Just kidding. We love our kids and their spouses. It's just that grandkids are, well, special.

A short walk from Steve and Munazza's house (see, I know their names) is a canyon where I love to hike and bird watch. Thanks to all the rain California has been getting, the canyon is green right now and spring flowers are beginning to bloom. But I like the gnarled shapes of not-so-colorful trees along the path, too.

I took 160 photos on this trip, mostly of grandkids, but very few came out. I haven't learned how to take indoors pictures yet. The outdoor photos came out better.

I spotted some Sugar Pines in the Lake Shasta area and stopped to take a photo of a fallen cone next to my foot to give an idea of size. I hope the Sugar Pines in my arboretum set cones while I'm still alive to see them. While stalking giant sugar pine cones, I heard the sound of running water and walked toward it... finding this hidden waterfall.

Today, my first day home, I did chores and planted the wee Bear Grass, Buckbrush and Pacific Dogwoods I'd picked up the day before my trip... and discovered how out of shape I have become after just five days of limited physical activity. I'm tired tonight!

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  1. As always I have had a delightful journey here :) I should call or email or at least write comments more - how do you know that I have been visiting? Your blog lets me stay close to you and Johnny and I love that!