Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Busy Spring

Garden is in. Here are the raised beds before planting. F F F for Fink Family Farm.

Here is just after planting...

Johnny spent another week doing projects at Traumhof and brought home a trailer load of stuff, mostly scrap wood, for us to burn for heat.  He helped build and fence this Kevin-designed raised bed, among many other projects. I think that bed is what inspired us to create out own.

Here Jessica's sister is planting tomatoes in it.

Besides gardening, I am spending lots of time on the coast monitoring Black Oystercatcher nests or trying to find them. Look for the red bill in center of photo.

There are two birds in the center of this photo, believe it or not. They are doing an incubation exchange. Thank goodness for red bills.

The eagles are easier to spot.

Side benefit: the scenery where I monitor birds is lovely.

Back on the farm, baby goats have arrived and all was well for three weeks... story maybe when I recover...

Ebonita and one of her triplets

Felicity and her single buck

Ebonita's doeling

I have been in a major weeding frenzy, liberating blueberry bushes, rhubarb plants, and all sorts of flowers. The grass and thistles were taking over. It has been a very wet winter/spring and the grass is head high. Johnny and I also unloaded all the barkdust from the hay trailer in preparation for hauling our hay on it. Our paths were the recipients.

Johnny is working diligently on repairing a hay rake he was given. When the weather settles, our hay will be cut.

 A busy spring, indeed.

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