Monday, May 8, 2017

Johnny at Traumhof... and home again

Johnny spent a week up at Kevin and Jessica and Ian's dressage training facility in Washington in late April, early May. He worked hard every day on the zillion projects that needed his expertise. However, he took very few photos so... Some of his accomplishments that I sort of know about were: fixing something or other to do with their clothes dryer, something or other that had to do with the horse wash rack drain, something or other to do with the water heater in the barn, and more stuff. He repaired 3 stall doors and other things in the barn, fixed back gate on dump truck, sorted lots of stuff in the hay/shop area to find wood for planter repairs, and more. I got that out of his notes in his journal but... Well, here are the photos...

 This is some kind of tank that Johnny cut apart to use as a sump for the wash rack. I think.

And here is a planter for tomatoes that Kevin designed out of pieces of the zillions of pallets they have. Johnny and Kevin put it together. Since this photo, Kevin has covered the pallet parts with vertical pieces of wood to make it look better... wood that Johnny located up there in his many hours of sorting and organizing.

And here's a photo I can identify! A squirrel that daily visits Jessica's seed feeder.

Gleaned from his journal:

Early every morning, Johnny "helped" Kevin with the morning hay feeding before Kevin left for work. Johnny says he mostly just followed him around.

On Johnny's way home on Thursday, May 4, he stopped to visit friends near Seattle.

On Friday, his first day home: "Picked up 1 ton of horse cubes in Dallas; soaked in hot tub at Dallas Aquatic Center for 45 minutes; United Methodist Church chili feed in the evening."

On Saturday I dragged him off to the coast where he napped while I took Coast Watch requested photos at Bob Straub Park, then he napped some more while I did my quarterly Coast Watch mile walk at Cape Kiwanda State park. Then we went out for supper in Pacific City and back to Cape Kiwanda for a one hour Brown Pelican survey, wherein we saw no pelicans. But at least it was restful just sitting in the car staring through binocs and scope at Haystack Rock.

On Sunday we took a restful walk through our arboretum and woods... which turned into a rather unrestful several hours for Johnny when we discovered a broken pipe and water gushing out of the pump house down by the creek. Boy was I glad Johnny was home for that excitement. He managed to cut off the broken part, re-thread the pipe and do other magic to get us water at the house again.

He's already talking about going back up to Traumhof to finish some projects he left half done. When he does, I'll request photos of family and horses and cats and other interesting stuff like that. Wish me luck.

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