Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Labor Day Hike

Having spent days (weeks) laboring (I have enough pears canned and Johnny has enough prunes frozen to last for years), Johnny and I took a day off to explore the hills above us where the Upper Nestucca Christmas bird count takes place every year. Our section of the count includes Niagara Lake, which we never get to on count day because of impassable, muddy roads and distance. But on Sept. 5, the roads were dry and someone had cut the fallen trees out of the way.

It had been so long since we hiked in to Niagara Lake (roads are not navigable all the way, even in dry weather) that we took a few unnecessary side trips. But eventually we arrived... at the dry lake.

Those are wilted water lilies so the lake must have water in the winter.

 Johnny said the track looked like the fore print of a black bear. My animal tracking books say he is right. The pocket knife is about 4 inches long.

Johnny ahead on the walk back out...

I hope the weather for the Christmas bird count allows us to hike in to Niagara Lake. I'd love to see it with water... and maybe birds...

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