Friday, June 19, 2015

Be Careful What You Wish For

For years, I wished I could get a permit into Cascade Head before the official opening so I could monitor Black Oystercatcher nests I was sure must be on the offshore rocks. Well, this year, I got the permit. Um, there are no "trails" to viewpoints for those rocks. I found my nests, 3 of them, but bushwhacking through the salal and downed trees is a mite exhausting. Then there's my regular 3 nests at Road's End with a lengthy hike... and the occasional jaunts to Cape Kiwanda, Short Beach and Cape Meares. I'm to the point where I'm relieved rather than saddened when a nest fails so I don't have to make that hike again.

But the scenery is lovely.

Road's End

Short Beach

Cascade Head

Cape Kiwanda

 And the company delightful...

Between trips to the coast I work like crazy on getting the garden planted. Well, first there was the problem of bindweed and thistles... but that story in another blog.

I also take time to enjoy the roses, which seem to thrive in spite of neglect.

Gebruder Grimm

Paul's Himalayan Musk

Paul's Himalayan Musk


Morning Has Broken

Burgundy Iceberg

And the butterflies... they love the urine-soaked soil in the horse paddock. Apparently, horse urine has minerals that attract butterflies. My daily manure cleaning in the paddock becomes a delight when the butterflies are around.
Western Tiger Swallowtail

Pale Swallowtail

Lorquin's Admiral underwing

Lorquin's Admiral

And so I haven't much more to wish for in my life... and I'll be careful before I do.

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  1. I do read every time that you post. Your photos are beautiful! Who knew that about butterflies.....