Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Johnny's "Vacation" Part 2: Kestrel's 8th Birthday!

Grandpa Johnny, naturally, decided to put Kestrel's birthday candles in a banana. Kestrel decided to blow them out with a balloon.

Like Cedrus, Kestrel wanted to have his kid party with friends after Grandpa left, "so he'd have more time with Grandpa". Clever child.  His mom took a photo of him opening his gift from us.

Of course, I gave him a book about American Kestrels, his namesake bird.

In their household, the birthday person gets to pick whatever they want to eat for breakfast, lunch and supper. Kestrel wanted to have, among other things, Ginger Beet Kraut for every meal. And so he did.

Between meals they had the standard ice cream bar treat. Grandpa and Munazza tried to steal Cedrus's.

Ice skating was also on the agenda. Steve, of course, is a natural since he lives on inline skates.

But Kestrel and Cedrus were soon  zooming around the rink on their own.

 Relax time found them watching and laughing over Myth Busters.

Cedrus read to Kestrel and Grandpa.

And Munazza showed Steve and Johnny photos she has collected of possibilities for the as yet unfinished bookshelves and fireplace treatment. Deciding what to do is the hardest part.

The above photo was taken by the surprise visitor to Kestrel's birthday day: his beloved Auntie Fudge. Here she is with the boys and the new birthday outfit she bought for Kestrel.

Kestrel models... What a cool kid!

The next day, Friday, Grandpa left on Amtrak for Oregon and home, arriving Saturday afternoon, full of great memories... and photos from Munazza for my blogs... and for me to share in Johnny's "vacation" and Kestrel's 8th birthday. 

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