Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanks Giving

Although it was an ordeal getting this dirty, messy house civilized enough for company and figuring out what to feed everyone for four or five days, the minute those two adorable grandchildren walked through the door on Tuesday of Thanksgiving week, it was all worth while.

First on their list of what they wanted to do on the farm was ride and drive the EZ Go. Cedrus loves to drive. Fast. Kestrel seems to like the thrill of surviving these speed trips. Johnny took these two photos.

Kestrel and Cedrus also love games. Here they get all twisted up in Twister with Grandpa.

On Wednesday, more friends arrived for cider making and a potluck, allowing for more thanks giving.

Neighbor Irv, Johnny, Steve, and Linda Leavitt washing apples. Love Linda's hair! Barb and Mark Millikan also helped but didn't get in the photos.

Linda Leavitt's brother Randy did most of the apple chopping, with a little help from Cedrus and Kestrel

All the kids took turns squeezing the apples.

Jessie, Dillon, Kestrel and Cedrus

Dillon, Steve, Cedrus, Kestrel and Dave Leavitt. Love Dave's beard!

Look at all that cider Kestrel is squeezing out!

Kestrel helped his dad bottle the cider.

In the evening, Cedrus (5) and Kestrel (7) performed. Cedrus played the piano; Kestrel the guitar. Cedrus also danced. Wow! I did not take photos because I was too engrossed in listening and watching my incredibly talented grandchildren to think about taking pictures. Alas, Johnny didn't take photos either. If Munazza or Steve did, I'll add photos to this blog whenever they send them to me.

On Thursday, the traditional turkey day for most people (but not us), Hazel and John and Kinnera Inman arrived. Cedrus and Kestrel renewed their adoration of now-teenaged Kinnera. I think the feeling is mutual. I tried to get photos of everyone on a hike to the creek but they were a tough group to organize.

I think this one is where Grandpa Johnny volunteers to hold anyone's clothes who wants to go swimming and Kestrel says, "Too cold!!"

Later that day, Kinnera's brother David and his friend Josh arrived. That evening we had more performances. This time Kinnera and David shared the limelight with C&K. Kinnera sang, beautifully, for us and David juggled. It was like having a private variety show. Such talented children!

Friday people finally got to eat a turkey dinner. And hike, of course. In our house it's traditional to hike after the mid-day Thanskgiving meal. Josh and David and Kinnera spent time communing with the goats and the big white dog. I should have taken a photo of McCoy bouncing from one person to the next, throwing himself against David for petting, then leaping up and bouncing to Josh for more petting, then to Kinnera, almost knocking her over. He was a very happy dog. They were very dirty children. (Yes, David and Josh are still children to me even though they're all grown up.)

I took this photo of Cedrus next to his namesake tree, Cedrus deodora, in my arboretum on one of our many hikes. Right now, Cedrus the person is slightly taller than Cedrus the tree. We'll see how long that lasts.

Kestrel and Cedrus organized evening and rainy day games. One was a kids' version of charades. One person acts out the word on a card while the others guess what in the world the actor is or is doing. But the kids' most favorite game was "Vacation". One person says where they're going on vacation, then hides his/her eyes while the others strike poses that they might take on that vacation. The vacationer then opens his/her eyes and tells what the scene represents and which of the actors he/she is. It's quite hilarious.

I have no idea where this vacation was but the kids certainly enjoyed it.

I remember this one. It was to a chocolate factory where everyone ate too many samples.

And here Josh got in the act as an airplane while everyone else got blown away on the wings. Some vacation!

Kestrel and Cedrus brought their tower building game, the name of which I always forget. Here Grandpa and Kestrel are trying to beat the record 37 stories that Munazza says we made when I was down at their house. I only remember the terror of knocking it over. I think this tower reached 33 or 35 stories... or some number.

Friday night, more friends stopped by and we had another performance with song, dance, piano, guitar and juggling. This time I tried to get a photo of David juggling but the oranges (we didn't have balls) would not hold still in mid-air. It's a nice photo of Monica and J.P., though, enjoying David's show.

You can almost see the 3 oranges here

At some point one evening or another (things have sort of run together in my over-stimulated mind), we gathered Inmans and Finks together for a group photo. Steve figured out how to set the timer on my camera. I didn't even know it had a timer.

On the floor: Grandpa Johnny with Kestrel, Dad Steve with Cedrus, John. In the back, Josh, David, me (Grandma Linda), Kinnera, Hazel, and Munazza

Then there was a call for a funny face photo.

Everyone, I think, had a good time here which is what it's all about. On Saturday, they all left for their respective homes, leaving Johnny and me tired but full of thanks giving for a wonderful group of friends and family.

Would I do it again? Ask me in another few weeks, when I've recovered. Johnny, the quintessential extrovert, is ready now.

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