Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Week with Nephew Jeff

Johnny's nephew Jeff from Illinois stayed with us for a week, leaving yesterday. He was escaping the subzero temperatures and deep snow that have plagued the midwest. The first day he was here we went to the coast. That was when balmy Chinook winds were blowing gently from the east. We started at Oceanside, where it was amazingly warm and sunny. I think Jeff thought he'd died and gone to heaven.

The east wind blew the spray from the waves backwards. It was lovely.

Sea lions were on their usual rocky haul-out.

Of course, I had to show Jeff Black Oystercatchers. There were three pair at Oceanside and two pair at our next stop, Short Beach.

Cape Meares, beyond Short Beach, is usually windy, but that day it was warm and still. Jeff is looking back toward the rocks off Oceanside from one of the Cape Meares viewing platforms.

We hiked to the bizarre Octopus Tree.

By then we were getting hungry so we had a late picnic atop Maxwell Point where friend Reed has a hang gliding launch platform. Below us were the rocks off Oceanside.

Although it was time for the air museum at Tillamook to close, we dashed there to show Jeff the huge blimp hangar that now houses the museum. A few days later, Johnny and Jeff came back and spent an afternoon inside.

Although it was growing dark, we stopped on our way home at Munson Creek Falls and hiked in to see it.

That was Jeff's first day of his week vacation in Oregon. He was mightily impressed. Most of the rest of the visit, he helped Johny with various farm projects. And communed with the animals. Those photos next time.

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