Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Deer and Bear, Oh My!

Having entertained everyone with bear poop in my last blog, I thought it only fair I provide photos of the creatures who produced it. I gathered trail camera cards yesterday and today and found images of I-don't-know-how-many-bears because I can't tell them apart. Well, one looks small and one looks very large and others (or other) are (is) in-between.

Thanks to my close-up photo of bear-poop-with-grain-imbedded, I now realize that it did not come from in front of our barn, where I throw out grain for the birds. The oats in the grain I throw is rolled, not whole oats like in the bear poop. I do feed whole oats to the chickens but their bag of oats has not been molested in the chicken house. That bear found his grain somewhere else. All other bear poop piles are full of apples. One of my videos has a bear eating apples... and standing on many more... under one of the swamp apple trees. Below are still captures from those videos.

First the bear (or bears) seen in the swamp camera... on different days.

Then the bears caught by the lake pasture camera...

The trail cameras caught deer, too. These are easier to tell apart, thanks to the varying sizes of antlers, if they have any... The swamp camera caught more deer than bear... and no bear poop piles were noticed by me.

These first two bucks hung out together eating... and sometimes sparring.

A 4-point buck came alone.

There were does, too.

These young does were always together.

The lake pasture camera caught different deer...

Another four-pointer, with different antlers than the one in the swamp.

 This poor little fawn looks like it lost its mom too soon.

A five-point buck, on the other hand, is in fine shape.

 Below is Split Ear, the doe we have watched in our camera for several years. She is followed by her two fawns.

Also caught by the trail cameras were birds, raccoons, and a neighbor's cat. But no bobcats or coyotes this time.

It is always exciting to see what the trail camera has seen... and rather nice to have bears to look at from the safety of my office chair.

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