Monday, January 7, 2013

Bobcat, Bear and Dippers

This seems to be a week for bobcats. First, I saw one on the Jan. 2 bird count (photo in previous blog post). Then I changed camera cards in the trail cameras yesterday morning and found that a bobcat had walked past earlier that morning. Not only had it walked past, it had discovered something in the grass, pounced and ate it, all on camera. But the camera is only set for twenty second videos, so the eating of the prey, if you're interested, is in the second video. I can't tell what the prey is, probably some sort of rodent.

Also on the trail camera was a black bear, first we have seen in months, although we have seen signs that at least one has been around. A short and blurry video is here:
This fellow walked past the camera on New Year's Eve, about 8:30 p.m. Maybe he was on his way to a party.

Yesterday we went up Agency Creek Road to look for Dippers and see if they are back on territory now that the water has gone down. They were, indeed, and all paired up. If I am ever reincarnated, I would like to come back as a Dipper. They live on fast moving, beautiful streams with clear water, can swim underwater without getting wet, never get cold, and sing beautifully. All the pairs we saw yesterday were singing... or at least one of each pair was. Who wouldn't sing living such a life in such a setting?

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