Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New Barn and Full Moon

Last Friday we made the final move into the new barn. I had been feeding the goats hay in the new barn for a week, but, after eating at the new manger (as in photo below) the does kept running back to the old barn for protection.

So we fenced them out of the old barn. And put a gate across so they could not get out of the new barn when we wanted them to stay there. Like at night. So we could catch them to milk them. Yes, catch them. It had never occurred to me that they would refuse to go into the new milk room. After all, their old milk stand is in there. But refuse they did. Johnny and I had to haul them in, then lift them onto the milk stand. Not fun. I don't know why they don't like the new milk room. It's beautiful. I love it.

Things are gradually getting better. Here is D-Lovely when she finally decided (after three days) to come in and get at least part way up on the stand.

I am still moving things in and trying to find the things I already moved in. But each day life gets a little less chaotic. I was thinking the chaos and goat lunacy were just how things are when you change barns, but after escaping for a few hours two days after the big move to attend a dressage clinic, I changed my mind. The clinician, who is also a veterinarian, was late arriving because, she said, of the full moon. She had many emergency calls during the days before, during and after the full moon... which was on Friday, the day we moved the goats. So now I'm blaming everything on that old devil moon.

The full moon effect can't last forever and eventually, I trust, the goats will settle down and behave themselves. Maybe someday we'll even be able to put their guardian dog back with them. He was determined they were going to stay in the old barn and is now living days in the new pig pen and nights out in front of the barn.

These beautiful fall days, although peppered with persnickety goats, have lovely sunsets, promising more lovely tomorrows, and, here's hoping, less lunar wackiness.

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