Friday, July 6, 2012

Polly 5/6/1979 - 7/6/2012

Renwood Pollianne, American Morgan Horse Register #088845, known to us as Polly, died this morning of a twisted intestine, almost the first ailment she has ever had. She had eaten all her feed the night before, had several recent manure piles this morning, but was down and in pain when I came out at 7 to feed. She died before the vet could arrive. We are all in shock. Mr. Smith, her beloved companion ever since Polly came here when she was 18, her daughter Jessie Anne, and her granddaughter Nightingale, have been calling and calling for her, even though they witnessed everything, including her burial in the horse field. They all stayed with her until her grave was covered with dirt. They couldn't seem to believe she was really gone. Nor can I.

This is the most recent photo I have of Polly, taken in May, in the fly mask behind her beloved Mr. Smith. I wish I'd taken one with her coat fully shed out. She was sleek and in good shape. No one could believe she was 33.

For Polly's life story and photos, see my blog entry: Happy Birthday, Polly! written last year on her 32nd birthday.

More photos from Polly's life with us...

January of this year.... Polly is second from the left, looking at the camera

July of last year, giving Ian a ride...
and teaching him to steer... Here they are leading Mr. Smith and I in follow-the-leader

March of last year (2011)... from my blog: "Polly, our Morgan mare turning 32 in April, was the highlight of the visit for the grandchildren of our friends and neighbors, the Werths. The littlest one, age 2 1/2, had to be pulled kicking and screaming off the horse. Polly just kept on grazing. She has had many, many children on her back in her lifetime... probably helping to create several more generations of horse-crazy adults."

In July, 2010, Polly dressed in her fly sheet, which Mr. Smith found threatening... we had to take the sheet off Polly.

Here she is again with another first-time-on-a-horse young friend, July 2010:

Happily, muddily, grazing with her herd in April, 2010...

And with her daughter and granddaughter in August 2009...

With Johnny, same year, age 30

Giving my Japanese sister Yoko a ride in 2007

And one of our favorite shots is of Polly examining the trail camera last year to make sure it was safe for her herd to pass. It passed inspection and she led them by.

Here she is in 1999 with her palomino daughter Jessie Anne, on the day Jessie Anne was born. Polly was a wonderful mother and a wonderful horse. We are fortunate to have had her in our family for so many years. To say we will miss her is a huge understatement.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear of your loss! Sounds like she was a wonderful member of the family.